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Precious active substances

Snail slime performs an antioxidant action, strongly moisturizing, delaying the processes of aging of the skin and of the classic signs of time such as wrinkles and spots.

Soothing and antibacterial, it performs a valuable protective action against cold and air pollution, thus carrying out a fundamental action of repair and regeneration of tissues.
Helix Dispersa

Why it's special

Mucopolysaccharides +

They represent the largest part of the snail secretion, in contact with the water already present in the slime itself, they build a natural gel that holds water on the skin for a long time, performing a moisturizing action and supporting the extracellular turgor of the skin, thanks to its reticulated structure.

Allantoin +

Known for its scarring properties, it helps counteracting free radicals and soliciting cell proliferation, increasing the healing speed of small skin lesions. Essential in slowing down the aging process, it also has moisturizing properties.

Glycolic acid +

Its exfoliating action helps removing dead skin cells, thus enabling the other substances contained in the snail slime to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, stimulating the fibroblasts production of endogenous collagen and elastin, essential to restore the balance of the skin and preserve youth over time.

Collagen +

It is the main dermis protein, it has functions of support, protection and resistance to solicitations, it helps maintaining the hydration and the physiological well-being of your skin. It helps repairing and maintaining the tone of the tissues. When applied regularly it acts as a natural filler minimazing wrinkles.

Elastin +

It is a significant dermis protein. Skin suffering a loss of tone and elasticity due to external factors or internal deficiencies because of the advance of age, regains its natural elasticity thanks to the intervention of this element. In external use it helps restoring a physiological balance.

Peptides +

They have multiple functions and are essential in improving cellular turnover, while performing a valuable preventive help to the spread of external microorganisms that can alter the skin balance. They perform a relevant action in purifying and regenerating the layers of the epidermis helping them to recuperate their functionality.

Vitamins A-C-E +

Vitamin A has a strong antioxidant activity and together with vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production, it hinders destruction, helping to keep tissues healthy. Vitamin E, particularly important in delaying the senescence process of cells, keeps your skin young and soft over time.

Certified and safe products
Not tested on animals
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Helix Dispersa

Respectful extraction and processing

The extraction of snail slime is completely cruelty-free, being acquired without exercising any kind of violence or coercive treatment towards the animal. Naturally obtained, the product is filtered and purified several times and can also be used as a pure serum.

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