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Helix Dispersa

Helix Dispersa was born in 2014 from an idea that saw two professional entrepreneurs take on a new challenge.

Helix Dispersa is a Swiss Company, the complete processing cycle is its strength, the products are controlled and guaranteed with the utmost care.

Helix Dispersa

Product quality

The Helix Dispersa cosmetic line is appreciated for its quality and the percentage of active product it contains.

Made with a very high percentage of purified snail slime, Helix Dispersa satisfies the desires and needs of those who discover it for the first time and those who continue to use it for years.

Certified and safe products
Not tested on animals
Organic and natural products
Wide choice of products
Helix Dispersa

How the extraction is carried out

We use a patented, specially-equipped machine that does not harm the snails in any way.

  • The preparatory treatment consists of painless ozone vaporisation to avoid any kind of shock to the animals.
  • A natural, slightly acidic mixture is then added, to which the snails react by secreting slime.
  • The slime is first collected in the machine itself.
  • After filtering and purifying the slime several times, the level of absolute purity required for the desired cosmetic use is reached.
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